Whale Shark

Whale Shark

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By purchasing a waisTTed Leggings, you will remove ten plastics bottles from the ocean and donate 10% of the proceeds to The Ocean Clean Up to remove plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch killing marine animals. #dogoodfeelgood


Named in honor of magnificent Whale Shark these leggings are silky soft and super comfortable! Featuring a high waisted cross-over band, which both accentuates the natural lines of your mid-section and avoids any unnecessary muffin tops!

The recycled fabric made with recycled plastic bottles and spandex blend makes our leggings extremely versatile and durable, designed to be worn and used in any type of rigorous environment


    Each pair of leggings contain 10 plastic bottles!


    The Story:

    Plastic Pollution has been a significant risk for large filter feeders like the whale shark. There is a LOT of news where dead whales get washed ashore only to find out that their bellies are filled with plastic bags (some whales end up with 80 plastic bags!) Our leggings are named after endangered animals to remind the wearer of our purpose.

    Color: Smoke Gray / Pearl White
    Material: 83% Recycled PET (plastic bottles), 17% Spandex




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