We make leggings from recycled plastic bottles, and our goal is to produce
eco-conscious and high-quality leggings that everyone and our planet will love.


Our advancement in textile fabrication has finally figured out
what others say we are nuts for trying. 

Our crazy idea has now developed into the most amazing leggings,
they feel soft and light!
We are figuring out a better way to save our planet with an
eco-conscious mindset without sacrificing comfort.

We didn't stop there. We (You! as well) are now supporthing
The Ocean Cleanup to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Three times the size of France filled with 1.8 trillion pieces of plastics, equivalent
to 500 jumbo jets. These plastics are mistakenly ingested by marine animals as
food and slowly killing them being devoid of food.

10% of the net proceeds will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup to begin and
continue the largest ever conducted ocean cleanup in the history of mankind.
This can't be done alone and you are making a direct contribution to making
this happen for us and for our next generation. 

Every legging we make will help minimize plastic pollution and
preventing them from polluting the ocean.

We make clothing for us, the planet and our next generation. 

We did not just want to make great apparel; we wanted clothing that empowers
the world and grows strong with our amazing customers that want to
make a change as well.

Our mission is to empower a healthier mind, body,
in a better & cleaner world.

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