Introducing Alli Roush! Her bright expressions and detailed content is what we love about her! Her IG feed at first glance would seem to be filled with complicated yoga poses but you would be amazed at the detailed instruction that comes with it! 

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What inspired you to practice yoga?

The imbalance of my spinal curvature inspired me to practice yoga. Determined to not let scoliosis define or limit me, I added it to my daily fitness regimen to strengthen my body and cleanse my mind of negativity.

What would be your three favorite things about yoga?

My three favorite things about yoga would be the confidence it has given me to do more than I thought I could, the passion it fills me with to be kinder to myself and others, and the ability to learn and share so much with others who enjoy the practice as well!

What helped you decide to collaborate with waisTTed?

Hands down, the eco-conscious and eco-friendly efforts behind the products! My husband was a commercial diver for over 11 years, so the ocean is a great part of our lives! Aiding in clean up of our oceans is huge to me!!!

What’s your favorite inspirational quote?
"“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves.“"

Well, it is actually scripture, but it’s a daily reminder to think and act with regard to my heart for the sake of my soul.

And lastly, what’s your favorite marine animal?

My favorite marine animal would be the orca! Aside from their vast size and beautiful black and white color pattern, they have the most fascinating surface behaviors that people are sometimes lucky to experience or capture. Their underwater vocalization and social structures intrigue me most! 


Thank you so much, Alli, for sharing your story with us!
Check out her Instagram account: @alli_roush


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