"'Learn how to rest, not quit.'
That mantra really really speaks to me. I’ve been so drained physically, and mentally this past year with everything going wrong. I was close to giving up.
But it’s important to learn to rest. Take time for you. You come first before anyone else. You can’t help anyone if you’re down. So learn to rest, don’t quit, and come back stronger!!"

What inspired you to practice yoga?

I started my practice initially for flexibility. I’m a competitive cheerleader and recently found out I was going to be a flyer (one thrown in the air), so I needed a way to get flexible fast. However, I continued with my practice because of everything I learned about myself along the way, and how amazing yoga was as a mental outlet for all my stresses.

What would be your three favorite things about yoga?

It’s something that is for everyone.
It’s more than just the physical asana practice—it’s a way of life.
Work out your mind, body, and soul all at once.

What helped you decide to collaborate with waisTTed?

Who can say no to cute, environmentally-friendly clothing that helps clean our oceans?


What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

“She’s got that whole purpose-driven, warrior princess, save the world type of vibe"

And lastly, what’s your favorite marine animal?



Thank you so much, Melissa, for sharing your story with us!
Check out her Instagram account: @_melissayogi


waisTTed aims to spread awareness against the use of plastic to save the ocean. Help us prevent plastic and other trash from entering the ocean!

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