Choose between Whale Shark and Pink Dolphin!
Leggings made with recycled plastic bottles from the ocean♻️
Every pair you buy, 10% will be donated to a cleanup organization 🌊
Help us preserve #cleanoceans 💙



What do people say about waisTTed?

Taking steps toward living a life that aligns with my values, and supporting brands that do the same. I’m so happy to collaborate with waisTTed - an amazingly eco-conscious company that is making beautiful products (seriously, these leggings are so soft and comfortable!) from the very plastic bottles that are littering our Earth’s surface.


Wearing the softest new leggings from waisTTed made from 10 recycled plastic bottles! With every pair sold 10% is donated to The Ocean Cleanup (mission: to contribute to the largest ever conducted cleanup to remove plastic from the great pacific garbage patch which is 3 times the size of France 🇫🇷!!!


I love the ocean. Living in South Florida I’m always at the beach. When I go I always take a bag and pick up any trash I see. I always have ever since I was a teenager. I’m picky with the companies I support, I have to believe in their cause. You won’t see me rocking a lot of the big name brand leggings, because to me there are more important things.


This company is helping to remove plastics from our oceans and save marine life in the process! Each pair of leggings is made of 10 recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that!? Not only are they comfy, but also super cute! 10% of the proceeds from every pair of leggings bought will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup


I used my wheel to playfully stretch my sides today after work and it felt amazing!!! I love my wheel... AND my gorgeous new leggings I got in the mail today from @ Each pair of leggings in made from 10 plastic bottles! Go support ocean cleanup!! I hope everyone had a great Monday!


Wearing my new waisTTed leggings which are amazing! I like any company that gives back or tries to make a difference.


Through worldwide support and the purchase of waisTTed ECO Leggings, we’ve pulled...
...pounds of trash from the ocean & coastlines to-date.
If you are not 100% satisfied with our products. We will issue a full refund within 60 days.

Every order gets FREE expedited processing and ships out the same day the order is placed!

We make customers happy with every order we ship. We will guide you through the quick process.
FREE shipping insurance! If it ever gets damaged or lost during transit, we will replace the product!

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